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This article was provided by and written by Omar Figueroa of Law Offices of Omar Figueroa.

California’s new Department of Cannabis Control (hereafter “DCC”) has issued renumbered regulations which retain the two non-statutory events licenses first proposed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control back in 2017: the Cannabis Event Organizer License and the Temporary Cannabis Event License.

Hi There!

How will you be spending your 4/20 week of celebration?

We have pulled together a list of the top 420 events hosted by event hosts throughout the United States just for you.

Remember, although things are re-opening, we still have a ways to go, so for any in-person event you are attending, please respect and follow the event hosts guidelines and requirements because as an industry & community we have to lead by example and work together to slowly start bringing people together again.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay hi!

The EventHi Team

Upcoming Events

In normal times, we’re strong believers that there are so many reasons to be optimistic about humanity… but the events of the last weeks are a stark reminder that we have such a long way to go.

The senseless killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd are unfortunately, the tip of the iceberg, occurring amidst the backdrop of a pandemic which is having a disproportionate impact on people of color. This is something that as a society we fundamentally all need to work to address together.

We must begin from within the walls of our own homes and…

With stay-at-home orders and CDC guidelines advising against gatherings, the cannabis community found a solution to unite the community together on this special holiday by going virtual!

We have lined up over 40+ events from around the world, so you can start planning your 4/20 Holiday! Whether you are looking for education, networking. fitness, comedy, business, or virtual seshes, we have found something for you!

SAN DIEGO — (Apr. 5, 2020) EventHi, the San Diego-based software tech start-up company, is set to host the world’s largest online cannabis event called Hi Day 2020 to encourage others to stay home and remain inside in order to follow COVID-19 social distancing measures that are firmly in place for most places in America and many countries around the world.

Starting on April 11, 2020, at 4:20 a.m. PDT, EventHi is getting thousands of Cannabis consumers to stay home and watch Hi Day 2020, viewers can enjoy 24 hours of nonstop, live entertainment with a cannabis angle as…


I am reaching out to each of you and sharing with you all first the announcement and launch of hi day 2020!

EventHi believes in making it part of our community & company culture to create events that focus on giving back to the people, our neighborhoods and our planet.

By connecting our community of event hosts, event-goers and brands nationwide we not only are uniting the cannabis community but putting a positive spin to diminish the stigma against cannabis as a whole.

Over the past 6 months we have been hosting bi-monthly community events from beach cleanups, to…

At EventHi, you can find all kind of exciting cannabis-related events and unique experiences. And it is thanks to the hardworking, creative event hosts who put them together. With this spotlight series, we want to introduce you to each of these hosts, learn more about their events and why they do what they do.

On this event host spotlight, we would like to highlight Buds and Bosses Persepolis Brands.

About Buds and Bosses Persepolis Brands

Buds and Bosses was created in 2019 to make a statement! We want to de stigmatize the use of Cannabis in mainstream and insurance based healthcare. We advocate through education and…

New York may be one of the more progressive states in the country, but they’ve still got some work ahead of them when it comes to cannabis and cannabis events. New York does currently have a legal medical cannabis program, but it is very limited and access is considered to be correlated with wealth and socioeconomic status. “[New York’s Medical Program] might as well not even exist. It’s very inaccessible for those without means,” Lindsey Adler of the Women’s Cannabis Club NYC quipped sarcastically.

As for recreational cannabis, New York is the epitome of “grey area”. There is no legal…

Colorado, and the Mile High City of Denver, have long been associated with liberal cannabis laws thanks to voters approving medicinal cannabis in 2000. 12 years later, Colorado would become the first of two states to legalize cannabis for recreational adult-use. The cannabis industry is overseen by the Marijuana Enforcement Division, though its authority largely pertains to licensed businesses that come into contact with actual cannabis products. While recreational legalization was a big step forward for consumers to legally obtain and possess cannabis, the legislation left out one key aspect: consumption. …


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